Version Control



Version control is the management of text files (especially program code) in repositories, to track and maintain changes over the life of the document. It allows for coordination among multiple collaborators and easier identification of errors. Version control is commonly used in some research applications as well as taught to undergraduates in some departments.


The Engineering IT hosted instance of GitLab.


  • File revision tracking
  • Multi-user access
  • Attempted auto-merge of change sets from different sources.
  • Allows for external collaborators
  • Active Directory logins
  • Is self-service for everything except external collaborator accounts

Available to

Faculty, classes, students, and research groups in engineering.

Service Hours

Requests will receive a response within one business day, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm, excluding University holidays.

Support Contacts

Phone:  217-333-1313


There is no charge for this service.

Service Terms

Users of this service agree to the following:

  • GitLab access changes are the responsibility of the project owner  
  • GitLab is not designed for build artifacts or significantly large files. If your use of the service is impacting the resources or performance available to other users, Engineering IT reserves the right to remove the project or files causing problems.
  • Engineering IT reserves the right to archive and then delete projects which have not been modified for over a semester or owned by individuals no longer student/staff/faculty. The actual time to archive/delete will depend on the overall resource usage of the service.

New Service Requests

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