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See the common services requested for office - on-campus and remote. Whatever you need to do, we can get you set up for success.

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Learn what we can do to increase the value of your grant money, RA skills, and leverage robust services to support your research.

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Explore online tech to improve your student experience, bring innovation to your teaching, and create more equitable classrooms.

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Technology Facilitators (I/RTF)

We have dedicated staff to consult on your Research and Instructional needs. Perhaps you're bringing in new research equipment, or you want to integrate different technology into your lecture. Whatever your ambition, let us make is become a reality!

Ethan Conner is our current RTF and works to bring new faculty's work to life or connect them to vital Research Services across campus.

Michaela Jung is our interim ITF and ensures that instructors have the resources and support they need for innovations in the classroom and equitable learning opportunities for our students.

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Customer Relations Managers (CRMs)

Each unit has a Customer Relationship Manager, or CRM, assigned to it. The CRM’s primary purpose is to proactively facilitate a partnership between the CRM’s assigned unit and Engineering IT. They provide personal attention to and focus on a specific unit’s IT needs, and act as advocates for the unit within Engineering IT. The CRM meets regularly with the unit’s leadership and its user base to provide updates on service changes that may impact the unit, check on general satisfaction with services, discuss significant IT needs and issues in depth, and ensures that there is an open channel between the unit and Engineering IT.

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Essential Teaching Resources and Tools

We've created a side-by-side comparison of instructional resources and highlighted our recommendations for instructors.

Essential Teaching Resources and Tools

Blended Learning Recommendations

A listing of recommendations and considerations when teaching in the classroom while providing online content as well.

Blended Learning Recommendations

Consultation for Teaching Online

Engineering IT is offering consultation to assist instructors moving their teaching online with Echo360, Kaltura, and Zoom.
Please email to make a reservation for consultation.

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