Campus Mailing Lists



The mailing list service provides a convenient and efficient method for sending regular emails to a group of people. A mailing list allows for easier management of the addresses, control over who sends to the list, and a variety of other advanced features.


Email lists hosted on the centrally provided Sympa server.


Features of the Campus Mailing List Service:

  • Sending email to all subscribers of the list at once
  • Private and public lists
  • Ability to archive communications for later review
  • Web interface for management or access ( )
  • Options for style of email delivery
  • Automatic enrollment in the list
  • Possible to have external recipients and senders
  • Ability to restrict senders separately from receivers
  • Moderation of submissions possible

Engineering IT can provide assistance with:

  • List Creation and management
  • Liaison to Technology Services
  • Department/Unit domain-specific list administration

Available to

Departments, Units, Faculty, Staff, Researchers, Student Officers of Registered Organizations within the College of Engineering.  Others can be members of mailing lists. Departments and Units may request department/unit-specific list domains (

Specific Departments also run their own mailing lists, please see the chart below for any specific department/unit list.


Hosted Servers

Aerospace Engineering - Mailing Lists
Computer Science - Mail Lists
Coordinated Science Lab - Mailing Lists
Physics - Mailing Lists
Center for Power Optimization of Electro-Thermal Systems - Mailing Lists


Service Hours

Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, excluding University holidays. 

Initial response to Mailing List requests will be within one business day; completion of the request will vary depending on the type of request and processing time from Technology Services. 

Support Contacts

Phone:  217-333-1313

You may also contact Technology Services at  or 217-244-7000 for assistance.


There is no additional fee to use this service. This service is provided by Technology Services to campus and Engineering IT’s assistance is provided by the College of Engineering.

Service Terms

Users of the Campus Mailing List Service agree to the following:

  • It is the responsibility of the owner(s) to manage the lists, including adding/removing new owners.
  • There is a ten megabyte limit on total message size, which includes message headers, bodies, and attachment(s).
  • The email archive for a list is kept for one year, unless the list owner coordinates a different recycle period.
  • If a list doesn't receive email for one year it is considered inactive and will be closed by the Admins.
  • Closed lists will be purged from the Campus Mailing Lists server after one year of being closed.
  • The list owner can request a closed list be reinstated at any time before it is purged.
  • List owners are expected to read and follow the guidelines here:

Additional Engineering Terms:

  • Engineering IT functions as a liaison to the service provider for Campus Mailing Lists Service.
  • This is not the only method to create mailing lists on campus, and Engineering IT staff may recommend a different method in some situations.
  • Engineering IT has administrative access to lists created with department/unit-specific domains.
  • Engineering IT can provide limited assistance on lists we do not have administrative access to.
  • As the service provider, the Technology Services SLD takes precedence over this one. ( )  
  • Some requests must go through steps outside the College of Engineering and completion time of request can vary accordingly.

New Service Inquiries

Go to: and select the “new list” tab.    
The requester should be an intended owner of the list.
(Make sure you have signed in as your account. If you do not see a “new list” tab you do not have access to create a new list.)

For department specific lists, (ex: or ), please contact

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