Information Security



Engineering IT is responsible for overall information security for networks and systems in the College of Engineering. Engineering IT will perform this service in accordance with University IT Security policy.


College of Engineering networks for which Engineering IT is the primary network administrator or systems under a support contract from Engineering IT.


Engineering IT will provide the following in regards to information security:

  • Acting as liaison to Office of Privacy and Information Security (OPIS)  in the event of security, copyright, or other information security incidents.
  • Providing first contact with relevant users when a security incident occurs.
  • Auditing of system and network level security to be in compliance with University policies and procedures.
  • Isolating and otherwise disabling network connectivity of systems that pose a security threat to other systems and networks.  
  • In the case of supported systems, maintaining appropriate operating system configuration and software updates.
  • In the case of supported systems, taking appropriate action to remove security threats and methods of compromise.

Available to

Information Security services are available to faculty, staff, and students in the College of Engineering.

Service Hours

Supported Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm on University Business Days. Initial response to reported security incidents will be within one business day. Resolution of information security issues will vary depending on nature of the issue. Engineering IT may respond during non-business hours to critical security incidents reported by OPIS or Technology Services.

Support Contacts

Phone: 217-333-1313


  • Monitoring of the network and initial response to security incidents has no direct fee associated.
  • Engineering IT will remediate systems with security issues that are covered under Basic Support, Standard Support, or Research Support as appropriate to the level of support for the systems, at no additional cost.  
  • Engineering IT can remediate systems not under a support contract, or in ways not covered by the support contract via Hourly Support.

Service Terms

The unit requesting Engineering IT information security must be willing to agree to the following terms:

  • On all systems, Engineering IT will follow policy and procedure for information security set by campus.
  • Engineering IT will apply regular OS and application updates.
  • Engineering IT is required to report information related to security incidents to OPIS, and will gather this information from users and systems involved in said incidents.
  • On all systems, Engineering IT will take appropriate action to ensure a compromised system is removed from network connectivity, and will only restore network connectivity when the system is considered safe by Engineering IT.
  • The most effective remediation for a security issue is often a reinstall of the system. Other options will be considered if needed, depending on the support level of the system.

General Inquiries

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