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Guest Accounts are temporary accounts provided to University guests, which allow access to the network and/or computer labs, and are intended for short-term use only. An individual or department sponsor can create up to two guest accounts for their visitors, which are valid for three days. The Engineering IT Guest Accounts Service Manager can also create accounts in bulk, which may have a duration greater than three days.


College of Engineering wireless networks and computer labs.


Engineering IT will offer guidance on how faculty, staff, and students can create one or two guest accounts for their guests. If more accounts are required, the user will be put in touch with the Service Manager, who can create accounts in bulk. As well, if the user or a guest has difficulty using the guest accounts, they can contact Engineering IT for further assistance.

Available To

Guests of College of Engineering faculty, staff, or events.

Service Hours

Requests will receive a response within one business day, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, excluding University holidays.

Support Contacts

Phone:  217-333-1313


No cost.

Service Terms

Users agree to the following terms:

New Service Inquiries

Matt Seng
IT Specialist

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