Emerging Technologies

We are dedicated to learning, exploring, and testing new technologies. This page lists the technologies we have some insight into, though it should be noted that all of the information about emerging tech is in constant flux and may be out of date soon after we publish it.

AI Consulting

AI is changing many facets of research, instruction and administration. Here we attempt to collect relevant information for use in the Grainger College of Engineering on our campus at any given moment in time. This technology is seeing such rapid growth and development that we caution you that any posted information about AI technologies may quickly become outdated. We encourage you to reach out for up-to-the moment consulting with our experts.

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Infrastructure Consulting

The Infrastructure team uses the term "Infrastructure Consultation" to describe a knowledge transfer between the infrastructure team and either another Engineering IT team, campus IT group, vendor, or faculty/staff member or group.  The knowledge transfer is typically around a topic that one or both parties of the exchange are not familiar with, and knowledge is shared both ways.  Sometimes there is a pointed problem to solve or system to instantiate.  Sometimes there is just an exploration of technologies or processes.   The infrastructure team is well positioned to participate in these consultations because of the array of technologies the team supports and works with on a regular basis. Regardless of the intent of the consultation, the outcome results in more informed constituents in the Grainger College of Engineering.

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