CrashPlan Pro Backup and File Recovery Service



Hosted by NCSA, Engineering IT’s CrashPlan Pro service is provided as a backup and file-recovery service for Grainger College of Engineering faculty and staff desktop and laptop computers. It is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux computers.


CrashPlan is designed to back up locally stored data from individual university-owned desktops and laptops. If the data is stored on a backed-up file server, then the desktop does not need to be backed up. (This includes the majority of staff desktops supported by Engineering IT. We are happy to answer questions about your specific setup.)  Unlike an online storage solution like Box or Dropbox, CrashPlan Pro is simply a backup and file-recovery service—it is not intended for primary storage. It is a valuable tool for recovering lost files due to hard-drive corruption or failure or accidental file deletion or overwriting.


The following are the primary features of CrashPlan:

  • On initial setup with your primary IT support professional, the client chooses which local folders need backed up (e.g., the client’s local home/profile folder).
  • Weekly emailed digests on status of backups. If you find errors in your backups, contact IT support at
  • Engineering IT monitors the health of backups on a weekly basis.
  • CrashPlan backups run constantly as your computer is online. If offline for a period of time, the CrashPlan server attempts to connect to the client daily at 12:30PM and reports inactivity in the CrashPlan logs.
  • Available to Windows, Linux, and Mac OS computers.

Available to

Faculty, staff, research groups, departments, units within the Grainger College of Engineering.

Service Hours

Requests will receive a response within one business day, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm, excluding University holidays.

Support Contacts

Phone: 217-333-1313


There currently is no fee for this service. Notice will be given before this changes, if it changes. Please see the Service Fees page for the most up-to-date information on costs.

Service Terms

Users of this service agree to the following:

  • HIPAA data may not be backed up using CrashPlan. (FERPA data is acceptable).
  • Clients must update their list of backed up files/folders/drives as needed, or submit a request for Engineering IT to assist. Engineering IT will need access to the computer to make any changes.
  • Engineering IT will need access to the computer with an administrator/root account to install the Code42 CrashPlan Client.
  • Engineering IT will work with client to determine what needs to be backed up, but final decision is client’s.
  • Client is responsible for notifying Engineering IT if digests show an unexpected issue.
  • This service is designed to back up 500 Gigabytes or less. More than that will lead to performance decline and increased risk of files not being backed up. If you have more than 500GB, please contact us for alternatives.
  • If a client machine begins to back up significantly more than the service was designed to handle, Engineering IT will contact you to discuss alternate solutions.

New Service Requests

Please complete a CrashPlan Pro online account request form at:

General Service Inquiries

Jason Smith

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