Remote Connections-Citrix SLD



Citrix streams graphical Windows applications to remote client devices and supports various desktop and mobile operating systems. This allows students and others to access EWS Windows lab software from remote locations.


Supported client platforms include Windows, macOS, certain Linux distributions, Android, iOS. This service is designed to support the instructional mission of the college.


The primary features of Remote Connections – Citrix are:

  • Ability to use instructional software from remote locations, such as dorm rooms, apartments or cafes
  • Content is streamed using the processing power of the server, not the client
  • More computing and graphical resources than physical computer labs or clients’ personal workstations
  • Ability to run Windows programs from various client operating systems, including the EWS Linux labs
  • Ability to access EWS files and cloud based files
  • Available 24/7 during semester, even when labs are closed

Available to

Faculty, staff, and students of Grainger College of Engineering, and any students enrolled in Grainger College of Engineering courses.

Service Hours

Requests will receive a response within one business day, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, excluding University holidays.

Support Requests

Email: for assistance or with the name of new software desired to be added.
Phone:  217-333-1313


There is no additional fee for this service.

Service Terms

Users of this service agree to the following:

  • Engineering IT has the final decision on adding new software to the service.  Adding applications to Citrix requires compatibility with being virtualized, the application vendor’s licensing terms supporting the intended use of the application, and available computing resources in the Citrix infrastructure.   
  • Support for Linux distributions outside of the EWS Linux environment is best-effort only.

General Service Inquiries

Elaine Robbins
Assistant Director for Instructional Services

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For a broader view of instructional-related support offerings from Engineering IT and on campus, please contact Michaela Jung, Engineering IT’s Interim Instructional Technology Facilitator.


Connecting to Citrix