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Engineering IT provides management of printers and consumables in supported Instructional labs across the College. There are two tiers of support, basic and full.


Printers in instructional labs supported by Engineering IT


For Students: Please see the EWS Printing policy.

For Departments and Units:

Basic Support printers:

  • Engineering IT will put the printer on the network.
  • Engineering IT will install printer drivers on the computers in the lab.

Full support printers:

  • Everything in basic tier
  • Engineering IT will resupply the consumables (toner, paper) as needed.
  • Engineering IT will provide or coordinate needed maintenance and repairs
  • Engineering IT will handle billing of users for printing
  • Departments may choose to purchase printing gift cards for students based on major or course enrollment.

Available to

Departments and units within the College of Engineering.

Service Hours

Printers in supported labs will be maintained during Engineering IT Help Desk support hours

Support Contacts


Printer Purchase:

  • In all cases, the cost of the printer itself is incurred by the sponsoring department. 
  • The cost of replacement printers when a printer reaches the end of its useful life is the responsibility of the department.


  • For departmental lab printers with basic support the department is responsible for all consumable costs. (Toner, paper, maintenance kits, repairs).
  • For departmental lab printers with full support there is no additional cost to the department for consumables (toner, paper, maintenance kits and repairs). 

Service Terms

Users of this service agree to the following:

  • Departments must purchase printers approved by Engineering IT. Engineering IT will consult and recommend printer models for specific locations.
  • Existing printers must be approved by Engineering IT before being added to this service.
  • Engineering IT reserves the right to refuse support for any printer determined, by EngrIT, to have reached the end of its useful life..
  • If a department chooses to provide gift cards to students, a CFOPAL must be provided at the time of purchase to offset the cost of printing

For Basic Support Printers

  • The department is responsible for all consumable purchases.
  • Engineering IT troubleshooting/support is limited to  networking and driver issues.

New Service Requests

Elaine Robbins
Assistant Director for Instructional Services

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