Network Connectivity



Engineering IT Pros are the network administrators on the majority of Engineering networks.  We can enable jacks and place  on the correct networks to provide network access along with IP addresses and domain (DNS) names.


Networks on which Engineering IT has management access, which are nearly all networks in Engineering buildings used by Engineering faculty/staff/research groups.


The following are the primary features of the Campus Network Access service:

Network Connectivity (Wired)

  • Engineering IT serves as the first point of contact in the event of network connectivity failure or other issues.
  • Patching of network jacks in College of Engineering facilities, as well as configuration of the network jacks to the appropriate networks.
  • Assistance in obtaining new physical jacks.

Network Connectivity (Wireless)

  • Engineering IT acts as liaison with Technology Services when campus wireless access points in College of Engineering facilities are not functioning as expected.
  • Engineering IT is the point of contact for the expansion and maintenance of campus wireless in College of Engineering facilities.
  • Engineering IT is able to provide guest wireless accounts for departments and units.

IP Address Assignment

  • Addition, deletion, and maintenance of IP addresses for College of Engineering networks, including IP reservations and dynamic ranges, as needed.
  • Creation of non-routable campus networks for resources which do not need to access resources off-campus.

DNS (Domain Name System)

  • Addition, deletion, and maintenance of DNS host records for and domains in use by College of Engineering units.
  • Engineering IT acts as liaison with Technology Services on the creation of new domains.

Available To

Departments/units, faculty, staff, research groups, and Registered Student Organizations within the College of Engineering.

Service Hours

Requests will receive a response within one business day, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm, excluding University holidays.  

Some network access requests require resources outside of the College of Engineering; completion of the request will vary depending on their processing time.

Support Contacts


The majority of this service is provided at no additional charge.

Particularly time consuming, complicated, or non-standard requests may be billed an hourly fee.

Technology Services has charges associated with maintaining domain names. Due to frequent price and offering changes by the University’s domain registrar, Technology Services no longer publishes pricing information. To inquire about pricing, please contact

Please see Service Fees for the most up to date pricing of all Engineering IT Services.

Service Terms

Users of this service agree to the following:

  • Network configuration changes and creation of new networks require assistance from Technology Services and may have a delay.
  • DHCP and DNS hosting will be provided through the Technology Services IP Address Management (IPAM) hosting solution.
  • Costs associated with maintaining domains will be paid by the original requestor directly to Technology Services.
  • Engineering IT will resolve network connectivity issues to the network jack, either directly or with coordination with Technology Services. Engineering IT cannot ensure the functionality of individual systems under this service.
  • Anyone connecting to the campus network is agreeing and expected to abide by the campus Information Technology Policies.
  • New physical jacks require the involvement of the department/unit’s Telephone Unit Coordinator.
  • New networks must fit within campus guidelines for firewall options and IP space. Engineering IT will assist in determining requirements, as needed.
  • For the security and stability of the network, users should never “pick” an IP address for themselves and assign it to their device without consultation with Engineering IT.  
  • In the case of a security incident, Engineering IT reserves the right to remove a device from the network for the good of the network.

New Service Inquiries

General Service Inquiries

Calvin Shirley, IT Specialist,

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