IT Equipment Decommissioning



Engineering IT offers an IT equipment disposal service to departments and individuals within the Grainger College of Engineering. Engineering IT employees will process the equipment according to University Property Accounting guidelines.


University-owned IT equipment, including desktop and laptop computers, servers, monitors, printers, and other electronic peripherals.


Physical Removal:

  • Engineering IT will schedule and arrange for physical removal of equipment for processing.
  • Engineering IT will take an inventory of equipment prior to removal

Property Transfer:

  • Engineering IT will gather all necessary information to initiate transfer of equipment from the requesting unit to Engineering IT via Fabweb.

Data Removal:

  • Engineering IT will ensure that any data stored within equipment is unrecoverable, as mandated by state law and University policies.

Available To

All Grainger College of Engineering departments, units, students, faculty, and staff.

Service Hours

Requests will receive a one (1) business-day response.  Processing time will vary depending on quantity of equipment and the amount of storage space currently available to Engineering IT for equipment. Responses should be expected Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, excluding University holidays.

Support Contacts

Phone: 217-333-1313


This is part of the standard bill to units, there is no additional cost per item or pickup.

Service Inquiries

Jackie Mitchell
Business Manager


Further information about our services can be found through the contact information listed above.

University of Illinois Equipment Disposal Policies and Procedures

University of Illinois Data removal Policies and Procedures