Computer Replacement Program



The Computer Replacement Program includes the Desktop Replacement Program (DRP) and the Laptop Replacement Program (LRP). Both are initiatives by Engineering IT Shared Services to provide all Grainger College of Engineering units with standardized, up-to-date computers (either a desktop or laptop). Through an annual bulk purchase of computers and displays for the entire Grainger College, Engineering IT is able to provide units with higher quality desktops at a lower cost than is available through smaller purchases. 


Desktops or laptops (computer and monitors, an docking station if applicable) enrolled in the program.


Ordering, Distribution, and Setup

  • Engineering IT will establish common specifications for computers and monitors purchased in the program.
  • Engineering IT will handle purchasing, receiving, and distribution for computers and monitors. Setup of computers will be done under the Standard IT Support service.
  • Engineering IT will install and maintain systems during their lifecycle.
  • All enrolled computers are replaced on a four year cycle, and enrolled monitors are replaced on an eight year cycle. The replacement cycles are managed by Engineering IT.
  • Any computer or monitor that fails before its scheduled replacement date will be replaced within one business day at no additional cost.
  • Units may choose to enroll new users in the program mid-year (e.g. a new staff position) and a computer and monitor(s) will be provided on their start date with three (3) days prior notice.

Re-purposing and Decommissioning

  • At the end of four years for computers, and at the end of eight years for monitors, Engineering IT may re-purpose serviceable equipment to lower priority/lower demand tasks within the Grainger College. Examples include student workers or conference rooms.
  • At the end of their serviceable life, Engineering IT will dispose of the equipment. See the Equipment Decommissioning service for additional details.

Provided Equipment

  • Enrolled users will be provided with a standard computer with a basic keyboard and mouse. Specialized input devices such as wireless keyboards and mice are not included but may be purchased by the unit or individual.
  • A unit may choose either up to two basic displays, or a single extra-large display.

Available To

Departments and units within the Grainger College of Engineering. The primary audience of the program is administrative staff but participation is allowed for any position within the Grainger College whose needs are met by the program. Conference room and kiosk computers are suggested as good additional candidates. As of December 2014, most staff in the Grainger College of Engineering who are using Windows-based desktop systems are enrolled in the program. To verify your eligibility, contact your unit business manager or assigned unit IT support staff.

Service Hours

Requests will receive a response within one business day, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, excluding University holidays.

Support Contacts


The annual charge for this service is variable and changes from year to year. This fee is adjusted each year based on current hardware prices plus an approximate 10% overhead to provide extra systems for on-shelf quick deployment, fourth year self-warranty, and mid-year staff additions.

Service Terms

Users of this service agree to the following terms:

  • Engineering IT owns the computer, monitors, and provided accessories and will maintain them on its inventory.
  • Engineering IT determines the regular replacement schedule for all equipment.
  • The provided systems have set specifications, and customization is not available.
  • Purchase of printers, scanners, phones, and other peripherals are the responsibility of the the unit, and are not part of this program.
  • Engineering IT will not replace functional displays under this program, including pre-existing ones, until they reach at least 8 years of age.

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