Faculty/Staff Printing



Engineering IT is able to provide support for a variety of methods of printing within the College of Engineering. Paper printers used within the College of Engineering, from Desktop printers, to office shared printers, research group shared printers, to generally available departmental printers, copiers, and specialty printers. This does not include instructional lab printing. For EWS printing please see this page.

Available To

College of Engineering departments, research groups, faculty, and staff.


  • Access Control: Engineering IT will maintain a print server for security, printer management, and to aid in access control of printers.
  • Technical Support: Support will be provided to the best of our ability. Where necessary, or where there is a support contract, we will coordinate with specialty companies for further assistance.
  • Monitoring of Printers: For designated networked printers, Engineering IT can monitor printer consumables and replace as needed.
  • Copier Setup: For networked copiers, Engineering IT will coordinate with the copier provider to set up the network, install them on department staff machines, if relevant migrate copy codes from the old copier, and set up file or email scanning as desired.
  • Training: Engineering IT can provide basic training to department staff on replacement of consumables.


Desktop Printers: Included with Engineering IT desktop support.

Office or Research Group Shared Printers: Included with standard support contract.

Departments/Research Groups are responsible for the cost of consumables. 

Getting Started

The supported group must be willing to agree to the following terms:

  • Engineering IT must be consulted on purchase of new items intended for support
  • Labor and material charges for obtaining or repairing the printers are the responsibility of the unit.
  • For unsupported users who connect to the printer, support will be limited to providing directions for standard operating systems.
  • Networked printers will be accessed via Engineering IT’s central print server. Exceptions may be made with valid technical reasons
  • Consumables cost are the responsibility of the department
  • For printers not designated for Engineering IT to monitor supplies, the department will designate someone to replace consumables
  • For printers covered under Basic Support the printer must be brought to the Help Desk.
  • Engineering IT reserves the right to not support devices beyond their useful life.