Course Website Hosting



Below is an overview of the available services for course website hosting. For more details, please visit How do I get a course website?

Available To

Course website hosting services are available to all Engineering instructors and course staff.


Standard Website Hosting

Engineering standard html course website hosting includes the following features:

  • Automatic creation of the web folders as soon as a course appears in the campus course catalog.
  • Flexible editing through a windows share, linux login server or WebEdit portal tool.
  • A Private folder restricted to course staff for sharing or staging course materials.
  • A Secure folder restricted with read-only access for current students in the class for class staff to distribute materials.
  • Standard website addresses.


Canvas is the campus course Learning Management System (LMS).  Canvas can be used for a course website, but also for other course management services such as quizzes, grade distribution and student collaboration.  Canvas can be used in conjunction with the other Engineering course website services.


Course website hosting is not a fee based service.

Getting Started

Get more detailed information including how to request access and edit content at the course website user guide.