Campus Research Computing Resources Matrix

  Illinois Campus Cluster Delta Nightingale Radiant HOLL-I HAL Innovative Systems Lab HT Condor Pilot ACCESS AWS AZURE
TYPE OF RESOURCE High-Performance Computing High-Performance Computing Secure High-Performance Computing High-Performance Computing AI High-Performance Computing High-Performance AI/GPU Computing EXPERIMENTAL High-Throughput Computing Varied Research Computation Services Varied Varied
WEBSITE Campus Cluster Delta | NCSA Nightingale | NCSA Radiant | NCSA HOLL-I | NCSA HAL Cluster | NCSA Wiki Innovative Systems Lab HTC Wiki ACCESS AWS at Illinois Azure at Illinois
COST OF USE Varies by selected investment option.
Engineering users can use a college-level investment at no cost. 
FREE (with approved allocation) Fees and Services Rates HOLL-I | NCSA FREE (with approved allocation) FREE (with approved allocation)  FREE  FREE (with approved allocation) Varies by selected options Varies by selected options
HARDWARE ICCP Node Information System Architecture System Architecture Technical Specifications HOLL-I | NCSA  HAL Cluster ISL Information Retired Campus Cluster Nodes (various configurations) Varies by resource N/A N/A
PRIMARY USE CASES The Illinois Campus Cluster provides access to computing and data storage resources and frees you from the hassle of administering your own compute cluster. Delta is a GPU based compute platform for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Simulation, and Data Science Nightingale is a high-performance compute cluster with storage for researchers to interact with protected data and perform analysis. (HIPAA, ePHI, CUI, FERPA approved) Radiant provides researchers a flexible, elastic, and scalable computing solution, using cloud-like virtualization, while remaining on-site at NCSA. HOLL-I (Highly Optimized Logical Learning Instrument) is a new service at NCSA that offers public access to an extreme scale machine-learning capability through a Cerebras CS-2 WSE.  The Hardware-Accelerated Learning (HAL) cluster was designed to speed up deep learning research. It integrates the most recent advances in computing, storage and interconnectivity technologies to create a purpose-built shared-use system.  Cutting-edge computing environments for experimentation and evaluation Jobs that are more ideally suited to a High Throughput (loosely coupled) environment The available resources in ACCESS have different uses, a list of resources and subsequent information can be found here. A variety of use cases can be found here A variety of use cases can be found here
HOW TO GET STARTED Engineering users can take advantage of a college-level investment at no cost. Email Allocations managed through ACCESS Accessing the System Requesting Resources or Starting a project - Email requesting for access to HOLL-I  New User Guide for HAL System Contact 
Vlad Kindratenko
Request Access ACCESS Allocations: Get started Request an AWS Account Request an Azure Account
USER GUIDES / ONLINE SUPPORT Campus Cluster User Guide Delta User Guide Nightingale User Guide User Documentation Directory User Documentation 
(Requires HOLL-I account/access)
HAL cluster Experimental systems, so very little support available Minimal on-campus support,  but user community has a   wealth of information. ACCESS Knowledge Base Getting started with AWS Azure Tutorials from Microsoft
SOFTWARE PACKAGES a variety of core software and libraries available  Complete List Here Software Software Openstack Components

CSoft 1.5 for CS-2 WSE (more information in User Documentation)

Software for HAL

Several technologies including test openstack, gpu, Kubernetes, etc

HT Condor pilot shares many software packages with the Engineering Linux Environment Varies by resource, a list and subsequent info on resource providers can be found here. AWS Products (external site) Azure Products (external site)
DATA STORAGE OPTIONS 7GB Quota (additional storage available for purchase) File Systems Fees and Services: Storage Rates 1TB per project on TAIGA as part of access, additional storage available at standard TAIGA rates. Access to any existing TAIGA storage  N/A Varies on project scope usually 1-2TB per project  10GB initial quota Varies by resource Scalable to the project via EC2 and other AWS offerings Scalable to the project