EngrIT Staff Named Co-PI


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An EngrIT staff member, Gianni Pezzarossi, was named Co-PI on a NSF award for his help with MAINTLET.

Maintlet: Advanced Sensory Network Cyber-Infrastructure for Smart Maintenance in Campus Scientific Laboratories was awarded by NSF in the fall of 2021. You can learn more by checking out the T2C2 Project page.

While Gianni is named on the project, this is an outcome of long running team efforts from other Engineering IT staff members Michael Chan, James Han, Stu Turner, and Glen Rundblom. 

Their work over many years made it possible for 4CeeD, Bracelet, Senselet, and all the other efforts come to life. It has been exciting to see the knowledge and expertise that each of them brought to the table during their respective interactions over the year breath life into the 4CeeD ecosystem.

We recognize and celebrate the collective efforts and success of the Research Services team and various members that, in the course of their daily work and stretch efforts, helped bring innovation and discovery to the Grainger College of Engineering. 

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This story was published December 14, 2022.