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Instructor Tools

Add / Modify course staff, graders

Using the my.engr portal tool, course staff can view, edit, and modify the group membership for two different course administration groups.

The course staff group is automatically populated with the course instructor associated in Banner. Please confirm staff and TA appointments are in Banner by contacting your unit's administration office before using this tool. That user can then modify the group to add additional instructors, TAs, etc. The course staff group is used for different administrative permissions in the course (viewing and editing the rosters, editing web information, access to course file shares, etc.)

The course graders group is a secondary group that doesn't have any of the staff permissions. It can be used to associate graders with the course, and allow special permissions (like to file shares) to allows the graders to do their work.

To edit the course staff, select "Edit staff" under the course heading at

To edit the course graders, select "Edit graders" under the course heading at

Add students to the course / Create EWS accounts for students (TA Tools replacement)

Any student registered for any College of Engineering course will automatically get an EWS account. If a student is registered in Banner for the course, they should automatically be included in the course roster and have an EWS account provisioned for them. This Banner processing is done nightly, so if the student adds the course on Tuesday, they will be added to the course groups (and have an EWS account provisioned for them, if necessary) by early Wednesday morning. This process is new for Fall 2012, and replaces the previous TA Tools option.

The only time you should have to create an EWS account for a student is if they are not officially registered for your class (yet). In that case, to create them an EWS account (and, where necessary, access to other class resources like file shares, subversion repositories, etc.) you must add them to your class roster via the my.engr class tools. This is not an official registration with the class, but gives the student full course access like it was. These student should still go through the Banner processes to be registered with the course.

Any users associated as course staff (see "Add / Modify course staff, graders") can modify the class roster groups. To do so:

  1. Select "View roster" under the course heading at
  2. Select the term (Fall 2012) and the section you want to associate the student with (based on Banner's sections).
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the roster table to the form letting you "Add unofficial auditor by netid to section". Adding the students there will instantly make them show up in the roster, and add them to the approrpriate course groups.

About an hour after a new student has been added to a course roster, their EWS account should be provisioned and able to use.

If you manually add a student and they later register for the course in Banner, the roster will automatically get updated.


Lab Reservations

View the EWS lab calendar

Request a lab reservation


Software requests

View the software installed on EWS lab systems

Request software for EWS

Please note that new software installations can take some time. Especially if your request involves licensing or purchasing, or is a complicated upgrade or install, please plan ahead when alerting us to your software needs. Two weeks notice might not be long enough - two hours notice is almost certainly impossible.

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