Summer 2021 Instructional Related Changes

The following are a list of up-coming changes that will impact the Grainger College of Engineering over the summer and fall of 2021. Please click to learn more about these changes.

Canvas will replace Illinois Compass 2g (Blackboard Learn) by 2022. To learn more about the transition to Canvas, please visit the Canvas Transition site. There you can request a Canvas Space, register to attend training courses this summer, or explore Canvas 101 on your own.

We are also invite instructors who've never used a learning management system to see what Canvas can offer for your classes. Please watch this brief video highlighting some of the key features.

Engineering IT has eLearning Specialists ready to help you plan for this transition, explore your options for migrating existing class content, or simply answer your questions about the new learning management system. Email engrit-help@illinois.edu to connect with our staff.

Starting fall 2021 semester, Engineering IT will no longer provide dedicated full-time staff to monitor lecture recordings live and report issues in real-time.  We are currently reaching out to departments directly with this information. We will be exploring technical solutions but will post some intermediate options for departments in the coming weeks.


In the spring of 2020, MATLAB extended the license for students to download MATLAB directly to their computers due to the worldwide pandemic and educational changes. The University was able to purchase that extended license option for the academic year 2020-21. 

However, in September of 2021, our MATLAB license will revert to the previous terms - MATLAB will only be licensed for University-owned machines. Grainger College students will be able to access MATLAB from our EWS lab sites or from their own machines through our EWS - Remote Connects and Citrix options.

Further information will be sent to students and faculty as we approach the date of change.

Essential Teaching Resources and Tools

We've created a side-by-side comparison of instructional resources and highlighted our recommendations for instructors.

Essential Teaching Resources and Tools

Blended Learning Recommendations

A listing of recommendations and considerations when teaching in the classroom while providing online content as well.

Blended Learning Recommendations

Consultation for Teaching Online

Engineering IT is offering consultation to assist instructors moving their teaching online with Echo360, Kaltura, and Zoom.
Email engrit-help-media@illinois.edu to make a reservation for consultation.


It is difficult for Engineering IT to support tools and services we do not already deliver or support. Faculty, staff, and instructors should be cautious about seeking new tools that have not been vetted for accessibility, security, or suitability.