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Engineering IT supports different webhosting platforms both in Engineering and on campus. Below are descriptions of the major hosting options. There is also a comparison of options available that can help with the choice of a hosting platform.

The WordPress Network, Wiki, and Google Sites are open to all faculty, students and staff across campus. Engineering Windows hosting is restricted to just Engineering faculty, students, staff and Engineering RSOs. Please note that student websites will be disabled after the student owner(s) graduates.

WordPress Network - (PIE)

Campus offers a dedicated WordPress installation with a set of semi-customizable templates to choose from. Maintenance and updates to the core system are done at the campus-level. WordPress allows you to quickly build a website and is ideal for smaller websites for research groups, RSOs, etc.

  • 500MB default storage - can be increased upon request.
  • There is the ability to collaborate with people off-campus who have WordPress credentials.
  • Custom URLs available (e.g.
  • Read through "How do I use"
  • Go to: to set up your new site


Linux Based Hosting

Campus offers a Linux/Apache web hosting platform running cPanel, the commercial web hosting software.  This is a good option if you want to install software for your website or want to use PHP, MySQL or Python. The service includes one click installers for software including Wordpress and Drupal.

  • There is a graphical dashboard available, plus you have access to the Linux command line. 
  • 1GB default storage. Additional storage available on request.
  • Custom domans available. Send email to to request one.
  • To create your account, navigate to and click on the "Create a web hosting account" link.
  • Both personal and shared accounts available.
  • You can add/remove access for people through the cPanel dashboard "Manage cPanel Access" utility. Access available for anyone with a NetID or for off-campus people through a Gmail account.
  • Documentation with more details available.

Create cPanel Account

Windows Based Hosting

Engineering IT also has a Windows IIS server available for those who prefer to edit their sites through a Windows share directly or through Dreamweaver or for those who need to use Windows technologies

  • There are no templates available but you can design your site in html, php or asp.
  • Integrated database hosting not offered, however sites can connect to MS-SQL or MySql databases if developed to do so.
  • Use of windows file share available
  • Custom website URLs available (e.g. (Request Windows Hosting)

Wiki Service

Technology Services offers a Confluence wiki server at  This is a good choice for those wanting to collaborate with people either on campus or off campus.  Access to wiki spaces for viewing and editing can be open or restricted to individuals or groups. 

  • There is limited ability to customize the design of the wiki space.
  • Documents can be easily uploaded and all versions of them are kept. There is a 10M limit on individual document size.
  • Editing is done through an WYSIWIG editor and there is no wiki language to learn.
  • Custom URLs are not available.

Request a Wiki

Google Sites (via Google Apps)

Google Sites is an online application that makes creating a team web site as easy as editing a document. With Sites, you can quickly gather a variety of information in one place - including videos, calendars, presentations, attachments, and text - and easily share it for viewing or editing with a small group, an entire organization, or the world. 

  • Campus offers Google Sites (and Apps) to all folks on campus.
  • Many templates available.
  • Offers different page types, such as webpage, announcements, dashboard, and list.
  • You must set up a Google Apps account to get access.
  • Custom website URLs available (e.g.

Create a Google Site