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Engineering IT offers consulting, design and technical support services for the Grainger College of Engineering. Dedicated Multimedia & User Services staff can meet with supported departments, research groups and staff to assess the video conferencing needs and provide solutions to meet those needs.

Available To

This service is available to all Grainger College of Engineering departments and users with an Engineering IT support contract.


There is no charge for initial consultations.

The charge for design and implementation is dependent upon cost of equipment and labor.

There is no charge for videoconference support during regular business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. An event fee may be charged if onsite support is needed outside of business hours. If facilities or equipment from outside the department or College is necessary, there may be additional charge for use.


  • Initial consultation with knowledgeable multimedia and User Services staff
  • Solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each department
  • Coordination with Technology Services, equipment vendors and the department for construction of room, if necessary
  • Training to department staff on use of equipment and software
  • On-site technical support

Getting Started

When considering the type of collaborative call that best suits your needs, consider the following:

  • What facilities are available on the remote end(s)? Planning a videoconference if the remote site does not have facilities won't do you much good.
  • Do you need live video, or just an audio feed?
  • Do you need to transmit a VGA feed (computer desktop, document camera), or is the videoconference simply camera only?
  • Do you need a high end videoconference system, or do you simply require a desktop system with a USB camera (such as Skype or Microsoft Lync, etc).


For assistance, please contact the (Engineering IT Help Desk). Alternatively, you can contact your primary IT support person.

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