Swipe card access that will allow access into various parts of the Siebel Center.

Available To

Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff and authorized users in Computer Science.


Setting up card acces and door schedules for Siebel Center for Computer Science. 


The service cost is covered by the CS department, there is no additional cost card holders. 

Getting Started

  • Requesting access. Requests can take up to a full business day to be processed.
  • If your access request is approved, you will receive an email telling you that your access has been approved. If your access is denied, you will receive an email letting you know that your access was not approved. It can take a full business day for your access to be added.


If your card doesn't work:

There are several possible reasons that a door does not unlock after a card swipe:

  • The card is not being swiped properly. If the red light goes out when you run your card through the reader and then returns to a continuously lit state after three seconds, either the card swipe reader did not read your card or you are not authorized for access to the door. If you know you have access, try swiping again at various speeds, making sure the orientation of the card is correct.
  • The card is being swiped on an angle and/or pulled out before it is completely through the card swipe reader. If you know you have access, try again at various speeds making sure the orientation of the card is correct and keeping the ID card straight as it passes through the reader.
  • The card holder has received a new card (new employee or lost card being replaced). Whenever a new ID card is issued for any reason, you must contact Engineering IT before it will work. There is a "lost card code" on every card that must be updated in the elock system.
  • The magnetic stripe has been damaged.
  • The swipe reader may be malfunctioning.

Typical symptoms of a malfunctioning reader are:

  • There are no lights lit on the reader or they are extremely dim.
  • You know you have access to a door but the red light remains lit when you swipe your card and the door does not unlock.
  • You swipe your card properly, the green light illuminates and the red light flashes but the door does not unlock.

Reporting a problem:

If you are DENIED access to a door you believe you should have access to or to report a problem with a door, send the following information via email to engrit-elock@illinois.edu

  1. The date and time you were denied
  2. The door you were trying to use
  3. A description of exactly what happened
  4. Your NetID.
  5. If you have a replacement ICard, please mention that you got a new ICard.

Questions concerning access can also be sent via email to engrit-elock@illinois.edu .