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EWS Frequently Asked Questions The first place to go to find common answers to questions and solutions to problems is the EWS FAQ. Please check here before checking anywhere else or emailing ews [at]
Logging In / Logging Out
Instructions for logging on to and logging off from an EWS workstation and common solutions to problems encountered in the process.
Linux Command-Line Environment Tutorial



Getting started tutorial for working with the linux command line environment on EWS
Covers: home directories, finding files, managing files and permissions, finding the right utility for a task and finding instructions in order to use utilities.
Linux Python Virtual Environment Usage



Instructions for using EWS python modules with virtual environments for creating and managing custom python deployments from your EWS home directory.
Linux Command Reference Guide A somewhat comprehensive list of "man" style pages for commonly used and important commands in the Linux command line environment. Lists all EWS utilities available to users.
Shells and Customization



Descriptions of the various command line environments availible on EWS workstations and instructions for customizing these environments in order to streamline working with the Linux commnd line.


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