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Account Creation Overview

Account Creation Overview

All students enrolled in an eligible degree program are issued EWS accounts. Eligible degree programs are as follows:

  • All College of Engineering degree programs (AERO, BIOE, CIVIL, CS, ECE, ISE, MATSE, MECHSE, NPRE, PHYSICS)
  • Chemical Engineering (CHBE in College of LAS)
  • Agricultural Engineering (ABE in College of ACES)
  • "Statistics and Computer Science" Joint Degree students
  • "Mathematics and Computer Science" Joint Degree students
  • LAS Physics
  • Masters in Financial Engineering (MSFE)

If a student is not eligible for an EWS account but is registered for an engineering course, he or she will automatically be issued a temporary account. Temporary accounts expire at the end of each semester and will only be renewed if the student is enrolled in an eligible course for the following semester.

If for some reason you are currently enrolled in an eligible degree program and do not have an EWS account, please email ews [at]

New accounts are created automatically based on course registration. Please note that the process may take 24-48 hours for an account to become active after enrolling in an engineering course.

Software Installation Policy

In order to provide a stable computing environment, we have established some guidelines for the installation and licensing of software.

  • Core Applications EWS workstations include a set of general-purpose core applications. These applications are funded, licensed, and supported by the College of Engineering and EWS Staff. The number and types of core applications will likely change over time, based on usage and demand. To maintain a stable and predictable computing environment, core applications will remain at the same revision level for the duration of the fall and spring semester (except for problem fixes and security updates). The types of applications currently in the core application set include:
    • Web browser
    • FTP client
    • PDF and Postscript viewer
    • Telnet client
    • SSH/SFTP client
    • Text Editors
  • Course Specific Engineering Applications Depending on the uniqueness of the software and scope of its use, the requesting department may need to pay for some or all of the initial licensing and annual maintenance costs. If a department purchases the software and licenses for installation on the EWS workstations, a copy of the purchase agreement and proof of ownership must be submitted to EWS staff. EWS will maintain ownership of the licenses and any software locking devices while the software is installed on the EWS workstations. Once the software is removed from EWS servers and desktop workstations, EWS staff will return all software and licenses (including software locking devices) to the department.

    It is the responsibility of the instructor/department to confirm with EWS that their software will be needed again next semester. If the EWS staff is not notified by two weeks before the start of each semester, it will be assumed the software is no longer needed and can be removed from the servers and workstations. Any class software may be removed from the EWS machines during the summer unless the software is needed for summer session or has been requested for the fall.

  • Requesting Software Installs To ensure proper installation and testing of applications, instructors are encouraged to request software installs well in advance of when it is actually needed. More specifically, all software requests should be completed at least two weeks before the start of each semester. At that time, EWS staff will finalize server and desktop configurations and provide an opportunity for instructors or teaching assistants to conduct final testing of their applications. EWS will attempt to accommodate requests made after this deadline, however installs may be severely delayed. It may not be possible to install the requested application once the semester has started. All software requests can be submitted via the Software Request Web page. A netid and netid password is required.
  • External Software Locking Devices External software locking devices are not supported in EWS labs.

Expectations for Instructors

When using EWS labs, it is expected that instructors will inform users of proper lab policies. Please review the EWS lab policies here and help direct users there who may be in violation of policies or have questions. EWS policies are meant to help make the Engineering Workstations a more productive instructional computing environment. Therefore, it is important that the policies are enforced.

Login Problems

If a workstation appears to be having issues, please try to use a different machine and inform Engineering IT through email at ews [at] with the following information: workstation name (a label should be on the front of the machine), the netid of user who was logged in when problem was noticed, and a brief explanation of the problem encountered.

Thank You for helping make EWS a successful instructional computing environment!

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